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What is an International Driver’s License/Document?

There are plenty of reasons to put an international drivers permit (IDP) near the top of your travel-abroad checklist. We’ll explain how this document works and when your distant travels may warrant one.

An international drivers permit (or international drivers license) isn’t actually a license, per se. It doesn’t mean anything unless you already have a valid drivers license.

If you do have a valid driver license, the IDL acts as a translation of that document in 8 different languages when you’re in one of the 150 countries that recognize it. In some countries, your home drivers license may not be recognized — but an IDP will.

Think of it as your intercontinental hall pass, so to speak. It lets international authorities know that your home country has given you permission to drive abroad.

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What are the benefits of having an international driver’s license?

Our IDL will prove extremely valuable when visiting destinations where other languages are predominately spoken. This non-governmental issued card is helpful to register your vehicle as well as rent a vehicle in various countries.

Is this document a valid form of identification or replaces my state-issued driver’s license?

The IDL is not meant to replace your current valid state-issued driver’s license. It is simply a translation tool to help translate your driver’s license within the jurisdiction you are traveling, giving you peace of mind travel.

Are there any exceptions regarding the acceptance of the IDL internationally?

The IDL is not currently accepted in Spain.

My driver’s license will expire soon, may I still apply for the IDL?

At, we are happy to issue you an international driver’s license through the expiration date of your current valid home driver’s license.

Can I rent a car with the IDL?’s experience with car rental companies accepting the IDL has been positive.

Can I purchase car insurance with the IDL?’s experience with purchasing car insurance has been positive.

Can I register a car with this document?

As you are well aware, requirements with various country clerks differ, and at the same time’s experience with registering vehicles with the IDLs has been positive.

My international driver’s license was lost or stolen. What do I do now?

Please contact us as soon as possible, and we will be more than happy to work with you in getting a replacement. Remember that our multi-year plans do provide you with an extra IDL card. If you need the whole bundle replaced, the cost is $25 plus shipping and handling. Our commitment to you is to provide excellent customer service and peace of mind travel.

Are there any official documents regarding the validity of an international driver’s license?

Yes. The United Nations addresses the need for a international driver’s license. Please follow the link below: You can view this document by clicking here.

Why Do You Need An International Driver's License?

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Application Process

What do I need to apply?

1 – Photocopy of both sides of current valid driver’s license 
2 – Applicant’s photo in color. You may use a phone in portrait mode and take a selfie.
3 – Completed Application.

4 – a picture of your signature.


How can I apply?

Our application process is fast and simple. Complete the IDL application form, attach a copy of your valid driver’s license, your handwritten signature and a color ID photo ( a selfie in portrait mode works fine), and make the payment. 

What is the cost of the service?

The price list is detailed in this link, please click here.

How can I make a payment?

There are various convenient options for payment: credit / debit card, PayPal. When paying with credit or debit card, please make sure to enter your email address correctly so the receipt and order number are sent to your inbox. Please click here for details.

Can I pay on behalf of someone else or can I pay with someone else's credit or debit card?

Yes, you can do it, but please make sure to call us or send us an email to [email protected] with the name, last name and email address of the person that you paid for or paid for you, in order to proceed with processing of the document as soon as possible.

Will my full name appear on my international driver’s document?

We are obliged to issue the international driver’s license in the name, as it appears, on the original driver’s license, as our document is an accurate translation of your driving permit.

What if my license has no expiration date?

We have an updated list of countries whose national driver’s license is permanent. We are only authorized to accept documents from these countries without expiration dates.

How can I upload or attach the required images?

This is simple. Take a picture of your drivers license and signature with your cell phone. Your color ID photo portrait can also be done with your cell phone as a selfie in portrait mode. Easy and simple and then just forward us those three pictures, easy as 123.

Online Application is not working or going too slow… What can I do?

This usually happens because your images or files are too big, please reduce the size of them in order to upload it. Please make sure to complete all fields and check if your email address is correct because the system is not accepting duplicate emails. In case you don’t know how to reduce the size, please continue with the online application process without the images and send the images to [email protected] with the name and email address used to apply.


I need to renew my international document online, what is the IDL number?

The International Driver’s Document number is the IDL number in red on the last page of your passport booklet.

I need to renew my international document online, how can I do it?

If you received the renewal form by email, please complete it with the IDL number, new residence and shipping address (in case they changed) and new images (in case you want an updated photo in your new license, or in case your previous national license expired).

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What is the cost of shipping?

Continental U.S, excluding Alaska and overseas states as Hawaii and all US Territories, USPS service is FREE (Includes USPS Priority Mail Tracking Info) International deliveries via DHL / Federal Express (FEDEX) costs USD $35. For more detailed information please visit the pricing page.

How long should I wait to receive it?

USPS shipping USA: 2-4 business days
FEDEX / DHL International: 6-10 business days
For more detailed information please visit the pricing page.

Can you ship the license to PO BOX and APO addresses?

The FREE SHIPPING USPS option allows delivery to P.O. Boxes and APO addresses, however, FedEx / DHL does not.

Can the shipping estimate time vary?

Yes, certain restrictions imposed by customs in areas such as Africa, The Middle East and Asia may apply.

What happens if a USPS package is lost? relinquishes all responsibilities for delays, lost, stolen or damaged documents of USPS deliveries. We highly recommend Expedited Service for more effective service.

What is the shipping cost for Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and US territories?

Deliveries to ALASKA, HAWAII, PUERTO RICO, US VIRGIN ISLANDS, AMERICAN SAMOA and GUAM, we encourage you to take expedited shipping for $35.

Can I ship more than one document in the same package?

Yes, You can ship as many documents in the same Fedex or DHL package, paying just one shipping fee. You may use the “applicant comments” field to add the names of the clients that we should ship together.

Agents & Re-Sellers

I know people that need this document. Can I work for you and help them purchase it?

Yes, you can become our agent or re-seller with a click here. As a vendor of the International Driver’s License you can assist anyone in need of the International Driver’s Document, starting with your friends and family today. will provide marketing tools, advice, customer service and special prices for you.

Do I need to own a company to work with you?

Not necessarily, you can send the request as individual.

How can I become an agent or re-seller?

You can become our agent or re-seller simply visiting this link, sending us the request and signing the contract. You will be approved in between 24 and 48 business hours.

Will I work for commissions?

Our vendor program awards you a 25% discount off the regular price to allow you to resell the document for published price. 

Do I have any penalty if I become your agent, signed the contract and do not find any clients?

No, there is no penalty. There is not a minimum sales required by our company to work with us. 

Do I need to rent an office to work for you?

No, all the process is online. With your username and password, we will track your sales.

Will your company help me to find new clients? will provide all the marketing materials you need. We will support you and help you to develop your business with agent certificate, business cards, posters and application forms to better serve your customers. Any other question, please contact us with a click here.

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